Saturday, 31 August 2013

Finals Day

A strong North Westerly wind will make conitions difficult for finals day. The usual competition set up has taken place with Greens mown, holes moved and bunkers fully raked. Because of the nature of the day several people are playing both morning and afternoon finals, therefore the holes will be re-cut for the afternoon finalist.
As extra preparation the Greens were double rolled on Friday afternnon.
The golf club is looking into the possibility of investing in a lightweight Greens roller. There are two different options available on the market, both of which have been demonstrated to the club.
The idea behind light weight rolling is to improve the roll of the ball across the surface, eliminating both vertical and horizontal movement from the desired line of putt, producing a truer surface.

The above photo shows one option of Greens rolling, the vibrating roller is an attachment unit for the Greens mower.
The other option available is a single seat self driven ride on roller as opposed to the attachment above.

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