Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Contractors at work on the Fairways

"Worth Draining" have been contracted in this week to carry out aeration work in the form of verti-draining to the Fairways and high wear walkways.
There are two 85hp tractors operating 2.5m wide verti-drains. The aerators are using 25mm diameter solid tines to a depth of 200mm (8").

Verti-draining is a form of aeration where heave is applied to the operating tines thus fracturing the soils below and relieving compaction.
The relief of surface compaction, caused by foot and vehicular traffic, produces a healthier environment for grass roots to grow in, improving air exchange and water movement through the open pore spaces created.
The high rainfall of 2012 highlighted compaction problems around the golf course restricting natural drainage and filtration of water through the soils. Through regular yearly compaction relief the soils will be maintained in a more open state, improving surface movement of rainfall.




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