Saturday, 7 September 2013

DEW in the mornings

This time of year brings about the formation of dew on the grass playing surfaces on the golf course.


Morning dew on the 18th hole

Clear skies and calm winds allow the grass surfaces to cool through loss of infared radiation down to a temperature which is colder than the dew point of the air next to that surface.
Dew is made of liquid water that has condensed from some of the water vapour contained in the air.

Morning dew can cause several problems. For the golfer playing surfaces are disrupted when dew is lying on the ground. Agronomically the quality of cut from the mowers is not as effective when mowing wet grass plants, the same scenario as trying to cut wet paper with a pair of scissors.
Early morning dew also creates an ideal environment for disease formation, fungal spores are often distributed through moisture.

Photo of early morning dew removal from the Greens through the action of daily mowing.

Alternative dew removal method using a dew brush, carried out during the winter months when daily mowing does not occur.

Dew removal using a tractor mounted zig zag brush, slightly more aggressive than a dew brush but effective at standing up the grass plant prior to mowing. 

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