Saturday, 7 September 2013

Fertiliser application to Greens

The photo below shows a granular fertiliser being applied to one of the Greens. This is the second granular application this year, the first was carried out in Spring.

During the Summer months liquid fertiliser was applied to the Greens on a monthly basis using the tractor mounted sprayer.
Fertiliser is applied to the Greens to help sustain growth. The Greens are under constant pressure from the ware and tare of play and maintenance operations and enough fertiliser is applied to combat ware without encouraging excessive growth. The club's main goal is to develop a Fescue / Bent sward, the correct amount of fertiliser applied is an important factor in the development of these grasses.
The main source of fertiliser applied is Nitrogen, along with Potassium make up the macro nutrients vital for healthy growth of the grass plant.

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