Friday, 25 October 2013

Improvements to path ends

Several of the pathway ends have suffered from excessive wear and compaction resulting in loss of grass growth. Year long foot and vehicular traffic at several pinch points around the course has resulted in this loss of growth and presentation.
A new plastic honey comb ground reinforcement material "Hexapath is to be installed in these areas. The honey comb structure is set into the path end and partly backfilled with a rootzone growing medium and then seeded. The result will be a grass covered surface that will not wear as the down force from foot and vehicles is absorbed by the hexapath structure. Wear to the grass plant is not possible as the growing point is protected by the structure of the hexapath.
Below is a photo showing an installed section of Hexapath at the beginning of the pathway leading from the 6th Green to the 7th Tee.

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