Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Results from over seeding the Greens

It has now been three weeks since the Greens were over seeded using two varieties of Fescue during aeration week.
The photograph below shows lines of the germinated seed developing into young fescue grass plants.

Difficult to photograph but the young established plants are shown in the dark lines.
From early establishment some week ago the mowing frequency was reduced to every other day, with the height of cut lifted up to 5mm. This obviously had an effect on green speed and roll of the ball.
As from this Monday (7th) daily mowing has been carried out. The sward texture has tightened up again although Green speed will be slower from lifting the height of cut.
Daily mowing during the week will continue until temperatures drop down to around 10*c and growth slows down. As from this Friday hand mowing will be carried out more regularly, with the heavier triple mower being rested during the wetter winter months.

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