Monday, 4 November 2013

Bunker maintenance work begins

Ten bunkers from a priority list have been highlighted for maintenance work this winter. The work will include removal of any over hanging lips, re shaping of the bunker base to mirror the final shape of the sanded bunker. A "bunker mat" liner will be installed in the bunker, this will eradicate any contamination of the sand from the bunker base material, will eradicate any contamination of the sand during washouts and will enable a minimum amount of sand to be deposited on the bunker face which will cut down on the chance of plugged balls.
The following photo's are of work being carried out on the right hand Green side bunker on the 17th hole.

The bunker before the start of work with heavy stone contamination and a over hanging lip.

The photo shows the reshaping of the bunker lip.

Removal of the over hang lip.

Shaping of the bunker face and base ready for the installation of the bunker mat.

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