Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Aeration: Utilising modern technology

Machinery technology is improving constantly within  the fine turf management business. It is part of the Course Managers remit to keep up to date with the advancement of technology within the world of golf course management. Maintenance machinery is constantly developing to improve quality of performance and the reduction in disruption to the playing surfaces.
Campey's turf care recently carried out a demonstration to the Greenstaff of a new type of aeration equipment. Below are two photographs of the "Air2g2" aerator being demonstrated on the 6th Green.

The aerator operates by injecting compressed air out of the end of three tines which are forced down into the playing surface. The tine depths can be varied up to 300mm in depth.
The result from the release of compressed air is a fracturing of the soil around the tine hole area which relieves any built up soil compaction. Air exchange also occurs allowing soil air which is high in carbon dioxide following respiration to be exchanged with atmospheric air.
The major benefit of this aerator is the lack of surface disruption. This allows normal playing conditions to resume a lot quicker than using a traditional aerator such as the verti-drain where the heave created is more disruptive at the surface.


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