Thursday, 19 February 2015

Organic matter management, new blades for the "Thatchaway" units

Organic matter is made up of dead and decaying grass plant material which develops at the base of the sward. Organic matter levels are controlled through maintenance practices such as verti-cutting where plant material is removed from the surface 2mm to 3mm, depending on the depth set. Sand dressing also helps to dilute the organic matter present. Both practices ensure that the build up of matter is prohibited.
 Other points to take into consideration when controlling organic matter levels are excessive fertiliser/ water inputs and ensuring that there is a healthy population of aerobic soil bacteria (through aeration), which will digest organic matter naturally.

The photographs below show a new set of verti-cut blades which have been fitted to the thatchaway units. The old blades are twelve years old and have lost there hardened tip and are worn.

new blade on the right

forty five blades are fitted to each thatchaway unit

The verti-cutting season will commence with the onset of growth during early Spring. Verti-cutting Greens helps to refine the sward and improve ball roll. As with many maintenance procedures too much verti-cutting results in the thinning of the sward and a negative effect on the desirable Fescue/ Bent grasses.

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