Friday, 6 February 2015

Woodland management, Tree pruning

The recent cold snap and the programmed winter works has allowed for tree pruning around the golf course. If left un-managed trees do not always reach their full potential, therefore periodic pruning must take place. All dead, diseased and damaged limbs are removed and then the tree is pruned to promote the desired shape.
Recent work has included lower limb removal to allow access around the tree with maintenance equipment. The gorse copses are being pruned, once the plant reaches some 1.8m in height and the growth becomes leggy the plant is pruned back to 150mm above ground. This process is carried out on a rotational basis and promotes fresh growth from the base.

The copse on the right hand side of the 8th hole is made up of Willow trees. These trees are periodically pollarded to extend the life of the tree. The willow is a very soft wood and if left un-managed usually splits or is blown over during high winds. The pollarding encourages fresh growth from the point of cut.

The recent pruning work on the 8th hole.

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