Thursday, 5 March 2015

Spring time aeration

February and March are always good months to carry out aeration maintenance on the course before the golfing season begins.

Greens aeration
During February the Greens were verti-drained, (one of two passes each year), using 12mm diameter solid tines to a depth of 150mm. This was then followed by surface solid tining using the John Deere aercore aerator with 9mm diameter solid tines to a depth of 75mm.

The Green surface following the two aerators.

The photo below shows the tractor mounted verti-drain and aercore in operation.

The verti-drain produces heave and compaction relief from the end of the tine, both operations allow air exchange, improve surface drainage, encourage root development and aerate the beneficial bacteria within the Green profile.

Tee aeration
Next up the Tees will be verti-drained using the 12mm diameter solid tines. This process will open up the surface and begin to encourage the Spring growth.

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