Monday, 20 April 2015

Overseeding the bank to the rear of the 5th Tee

The bank surrounding the rear of the par three 5th Tee has been overseeded with varieties of fescue and two x 1Kg of wild flower seed.
The long term goal is to create a grass feature with wild flowers during the Summer months.

back right of the Tee in complete shade

back left of the Tee in dappled shade

Prior to seeding the bank was strimmed and raked out to expose the bare soil. This created a seed to soil bed that will aid germination. The irrigation at the rear of the Tee has been set to 360' which will allow watering of some of the bank.
The problems that have to be overcome are that the bank is sheltered from the direct sun for part of the day and the pine trees to the rear of the Tee  prevent rainfall from wetting the bank.
The fescue and wild seed chosen will grow in dry sandy soils so hopefully the seed will germinate and establish.  

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