Friday, 18 September 2015

Greens maintenance week 14th to 18th Sept

The maintenance work on the Greens  has gone to plan this year with the help of favourable weather. All Greens have been treated with the following:

Verti-cut (two passes)
Single mow at 3.5mm height of cut.
Sand dressing involving three dressings over the week applying approximately 50 tonnes of dressing sand.
Verti-drained using 13mm solid tines to a depth of 200mm.
Solid tine using 9mm diameter solid tines to a depth of 75mm.
Overseeding using 50Kg of browntop bent seed. (AberMajesty browntop bent blend)
Overseeding of the large putting Green with varieties of Fescue seed.

Sand dressing

Drag matting the sand into the Green surface

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